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On the 5th of February 2009, the Lead Club had organized a CNY gathering at a Restaurant known as Chef Rasa Sayang Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ. A total of 30 alumni students’ attended this function with a thrilled sensation.

The contenting atmosphere is then started off with a welcome speech by Mr. Mario Thay, as the organizing Chairman, followed by another speech from Mr. Lau Kee Von, President of Lead Club 2009-2011. Later then Dr. Hoo Ke Ping, the advisor of Lead Club also shared his perspective on Malaysia’s current political and economical state of affairs. The overall party meter was boost by the superb 8 course Chinese cuisine that are served and another toast of “Yee Sang” which the crowd very much enjoyed.


 Professor Dr. Hoo Ke Ping Seminar on Wednesday, 8th December, 2004 at Lead Academic Mid Valley Seminar Hall

It’s a rainy Wednesday evening but it didn’t deter a strong crowd to attend Dr. Hoo Kee Ping’s seminar. After years of research and analysis, Dr. Hoo finally offers his sharing on “The ‘Weak’ U.S Dollar, Repeg of Ringgit and Malaysia’s Economic Outlook”.

This is the first public seminar jointly organized by Lead Academic and Sin Chew Jit Poh Daily at Lead Academic’s new premise. Dr. Hoo explained that why ‘soft’ U.S Dollar is vital to improve United State’s export market share, inflation and unemployment rate in USA. He also has foreseen that ‘Ringgit’ will eventually heading for ‘Repeg’ as this will show the true value of Ringgit. The process of ‘Repeg’ might take sometime to implement it.

The audiences enjoy the forum very much and they never miss this opportunity to ask many questions regarding KLSE share’s performance and economy outlook.

The forum adjourned at 10pm and everybody is looking forward for a series of forum which are going to take place next year.




Gathering in Mr and Mrs Chan Ki Hap's bungalow  in
Tropicana on 27th July,2002. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chan are the founder of Kamco Aluminium Berhad, a leading   Aluminium manufacturing company in Malaysia. This gathering is to celebrate Mr. Chan’s family moving into into  new house.      


Bowling Competition (19th May 2002, 1:00p.m. - 4p.m. at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort)

We are proud to organize Lead Club’s first activity-Bowling Competition and there are a total of 18 men and 16 women participated in this competition..  
Many of the students brought along their family members and we encouraged the family to join the rest of the students in Lead’s big family.
The Bowling Competition was divided into two categories namely men’s and women’s. There are four people playing in one lane and we have a total of nine lanes and everyone is entitled to play two games. Each person will compete with the rest of the three members in one lane and the person with the highest total scores wins. The following is the results.

Men’s Category
Champion:             Mr. Chia Gek Siang
First Runner-up:        Mr. William Lau Wee Liang
Second Runner-up:            Mr. Ken Yap Choon Keng

Women’s Category
Champion:             Miss Frances Lee Soo Fang  
First Runner-up:        Mdm. Teo Geok Kee  
Second Runner-up:            Mdm. Tan Jock Hong

We would like to thank our sponsors for their strong support in making this Bowling Competition a success as everyone gets gift although did win in the competition. The sponsors are Mr. Chan Ki Hap from KAMCO Aluminium Sdn Bhd, Mr. Tan Tong Heng from Six Happiness Holdings Sdn Bhd, Mr. Lim Kim Chieng from Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Lau Kuan Kam from Twin Arrow Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, Mr. Low Bon An Concepts Component Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Mr. Wong Hock Aun from Gaya Murni Sdn Bhd, Mr. Ken Yap from Joylife Enterprise Sdn Bhd and Mr. Lim Kim Poi from Davex Lighting Sdn Bhd.

Public seminars in Sin Chew Jit Poh

Lead Academic co-operates with the Sin Chew Jit Poh publisher to organise public seminar on current economical topics. These seminars are conducted by Lead Academic’s lecturers.

Miss Lenny Chia, Corporate Affair Manager of Sin Chew Jit Poh presenting the food basket to Dr. Yap Sin Tian. Prof Yap (sitting) was one of the two speakers.

   Participants attending the SinChew Seminar

1) Sun Sze Art of War vs. e-Commerce
By Prof. Yap and Dr. Yap Sin Tian
(20th January 2000)

2) Managerial Economics
by Prof. Dr. Chong Kuang Yin
(13th May 2000)

Managerial Economics is concerned with the application of economic concepts and principles to managerial decision making problems.

3) K – Economy & E – Commerce
by Prof. Yap Thoo Chai, Mr. Fan Zeng (26th August 2000)

 We are now making a fundamental shift to the K-economy, the knowledge economy in which the entire nation will be fully involved in the application of knowledge in every segment of our society. Malaysia's commitment to the digital age is unwavering. The changing rules of competitiveness brought about by globalisation, networking and connectivity have shortened product cycles, mobilized capital, trade and labour globally and eliminated the barriers of time and space.

MSC Trip

On 28/10/2000, we visited the University Tenaga National (UTN) and Mr. Ma Zi Liang gave a detailed briefing about UTN as well as tour around the library. Later in the afternoon, we proceed to visit Putrajaya.

Seminar and Discussion about Budget 2001 (19th November 2000)

Panel speakers: Dr. Hoo Ke Ping & Mr. Lee Hooi Seng

Venue: Pearl International Hotel, Jalan Klang Lama

Budget Seminar on 19th November,2000

Mr. Charles MacCaffrey addressed opening speech before the Budget Seminar

Dialog with SMI Association - 

21st Century Sales & Marketing Challenges Graduation Ceremony & Flow of Views (6th January 2001)

Our MBA students discussed with SMI members about current economic situation.

Monthly gatherings

The second Sunday after each seminar.

Venue: Six Happiness Restaurant, Jalan Kuchai Lama

The students gathered to have lunch together and continued with discussion about their term papers with the respective lecturer for that module.

Lead Club Gathering in six Happiness Restaurant Taken together with Mr. Charles MacCaffrey

Discussion during Lead MBA Club gathering

Mr Tan Tong Heng shared his view during discussion   

Impact of the General Election 2004 on Economic, Finance and Business In Malaysia

                                                Presented by Dr. Hoo Ke Ping

The exciting & interesting gathering with a buffet dinner was held on 8th March 2004 at Lead Academic Seminar Hall from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.  The interesting topic on “IMPACT OF THE GENERAL ELECTION 2004 ON ECONOMY, FINANCE & BUSINESS” was presented by Dr. Hoo Ke Ping and there are 25 students attended this gathering.

Below are the matters discussed and raised by Dr. Hoo which may influence the economic, finance and business situations in Malaysia after the general election 2004:-

1)      Election result: Barisan National is able to get 80% of the seats (170 or above)/Total 215 seats.


i)          Basis: 1999 was the worst year yet BN got 147/190 MP seats

ii)         All negatives of 1999 have been erased.

iii)                 New Positives – eg: Anti-corruption; People are satisfied with the duty so far carried out by the new Prime Ministers

iv)                Opposition: Poor Cooperation

v)                  No better Alternative

2)      Economy should be good but not excellent: No way to repeat the 1990’s high growth

3)      Stock Market: Temporary surge shall see sell-off after big victory because clean sweep is expected.  Foreign Fund will only return when US dollar may be stabilized sometime (or latest) by June 2004, but equity(stock) cannot repeat the 1990’s CI, 1300

4)      Business: Domestic growth shall be “FLAT” due to DFI (Direct Foreign Investment) out-flowing to China.  In fact, local manufacturers have/or is leaving as well.  MIC (China Made) goods are sweeping Malaysia SMI forcing the closure of business.

5)      Domestic Consumption is badly affected.

6)      Future growth depends on “Drastic Policy Shift” & cabinet changes. “Test”: If not, not much hope for robust growth

Besides, the students also give their opinions and did not agree with Dr. Hoo for certain matters, there is one session where Dr. Hoo believed that Barisan Nasional might not be able to win up to 174 seats and some students challenged that if BN won more than 174 seats, Dr.Hoo shall give a farewell dinner to them.

After a short break at 9.00pm, we continued with question and answer session, many students asked about the election and their relevant jobs. Every participants was satisfied and happy with the fruitful talks given by Dr. Hoo and at the same time enjoyed the food and beverages served.


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